Don’t hit on me, silly girls

This just in – Cosplayer/model/designer Yaya Han doesn’t like people jacking off to photos of her despite her entire career centering around her body.

Yaya Han is mostly known as a popular cosplayer who does a really great job at designing and modeling in her costumes of characters from anime and video games. Like all models, This wouldn’t be possible without that bodacious body of hers. Practically all of her costumes have been of skimpily dressed characters with focus on her breasts. Of course, she has legions of guys wanking off to her. You’d think that this would be a well-known and accepted aspect to all successful models. And generally, all women should realize that dressing in a way that shows off a part of their body will attract attention to that part. But apparently Yaya missed the memo. After years of 14-30 year old lonely nerds splooging their mega milk all over their keyboards to her, she seems to have become irritated as she recently let out her thoughts on her facebook page.



Not only is this hypocritical, but it brings me to a subject that always boggles me.


I’m a man who is well-read in the Mammory genre of reading. I know my A to DD’s. And as a man who knows the broad spectrum of nanny-noos, I would like to present our very first…

5 Udder Tips


1. Don’t leave your tits hanging out if you don’t want to be stared at.
There are many reasons that women wear clothes that reveal cleavage. It could be hot out. It could be fashionable. But you know what? It doesn’t fucking matter. If you wear shit that shows cleavage, you are going to be stared at. This is 120% true. And if you are too ignorant to understand this, then you deserve to be creeped on. There are a lot of boobs out there. If we stare at a pair, it’s because we care.

2. Don’t be a bitch if your boobs are just that awesome.
I’ve seen instances of bitchy women who think that telling someone off for staring at them is the appropriate reaction. Here’s the thing, your tits are awesome. Clothed or showing cleavage. It doesn’t matter. Don’t tell me that you don’t stare at handsome men the same way at times. The difference between men and women is this: We don’t care. Having nice titties and being cool about it is better than being a stupid cunt.

3. Learn to take it as a compliment.
This is the kind of thing that can go many ways. Sometimes people will stare at you because they think your hair, clothes, face, or body is attractive. If someone is just casually staring at you because he obviously thinks you’re attractive, don’t start getting defensive and worried about being creeped on. If casual men’s clothing was made to show off our cracker-jack-sack and women stared at us all the time, as said above: we wouldn’t care. Although if the person who is staring advances and is verbally or physically creeping, then yes you do have an excuse for flipping out on them or whatever you decide to do.

4. You have the world’s best manipulation device on your chest – and when it works, refer to tip #2.
Just think about this one. It’s not that hard. Be prepared to be called bad things though. This attention whore is a master of the art.

5. Don’t get pornstar implants or try to “improve” your boobs if you’re just going to be in prudish denial about it.
This tip is a lot like 1 and 2. Why do girls purposefully use the assistance of double bras, tape, and safety pins to make their boobs appear bigger and perkier and then claim that they’re doing it for the sake of comfort? And breast implants are obvious to people who know you. If you are doing it to make yourself feel good, then that’s great. But don’t lie and be a hypocrite about it.

So all in all, embrace what you have. Hypocrisy is bad. If you’re a model or wear skimpy outfits, don’t get offended and annoyed that you attract the kind of guys who spank their monkey to you. (read: all)

Dave Chappelle said it pretty well.

I respect her for the effort she’s put into her hobbies and career. She makes the characters she dresses up as come to life, and I think that is always a really fun and great thing to do. It makes people happy and it seems to make her happy. She might do it for the attention and fun as it seems to everyone, but then again she might also do it because she really likes the characters she dresses up as. or both. I’ve seen a fair share of Yoko cosplayers who just cosplay as her because they like the character, and of course people on the other spectrum too. Good for them, I say. But this is the internet, where if you get a nasty message of someone’s rape fantasy, you can simply ignore and delete it. Simple as that. Whining to your fans about everything is unprofessional and is only going to come back and hit you in the end.

So yeah, boobs.


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  1. Neandertal

    I think especially with her recent “Jessica Rabbit” creation, your critique is absolutely dead-on, awesomely right.

    However, I’m sliding toward a more forgiving attitude, and here’s why:

    She’s still evolving–and I think you qualify your critique very well by pointing out her costuming talents, knowledge, and enthusiasm. With the Jessica Rabbit thing…well, she’s always seemed to be playing on the boundaries of “G” cosplay “we’re just having fun–nothing adult going on here” territory and the more “PG-13” “hubba-hubba, look at those cannons!” post-puberty male territory. The Jessica Rabbit thing renders the “I really can’t understand why you’re staring at my chest” reaction COMPLETELY hollow, and yes, hypocritical. Picking that character and going as anatomically correct as possible…well, this ain’t dressing up as a 10-year-old anime character in a sailor suit anymore. One could argue she’s always played a fine line between savvy male sexual fantasy marketing, and on the other hand, trying to keep her geek-creds solid with the cosplay “purists.” With this latest–well, good luck with keeping the response 100% “clean.”

    One way of attempting to keep those geek-creds safe is to use this logic–even as Jessica Rabbit:
    –Cosplay is for innocent fun.
    –Jessica Rabbit is cosplay.
    –Therefore, Jessica Rabbit is NOT for drooling boob pervs.

    It’s a fallacy, but to stay cool with both markets–the barely-tapped drooling dudes who wouldn’t know one character from the next vs. the “OMG, this is just innocent fun and these oogling brutes are ruining it!” purists–it’s the “Empress Is Wearing a Heavy Costume Even If She Looks Nude” dissociative tack, and she’s probably going to stay that course.

    …and yet, we now have Jessica Rabbit…A really, really good rendition :-)

    I’m happy she’s testing and going with her creative muse…even if she’s a little perturbed at the reactions to where the muse is taking her.

    • blahblahblah

      The thing about Jessica Rabbit is that she’s consciously cosplaying a character that is known for her sexuality and was actually modeled off of a porn star… even more so the whole movie makes a play at her t&a. Being an adult Yaya should know this already and should give her motive to stfu about it. She knows what she’s doing… she’s just being an attention whore.

      • RedIron

        I wonder what she wanted from Aaron Paul (Jesse in Breaking Bad), because she did a LOT more than just kissing ass if know what I mean.

      • Adam

        . . . except Jessica Rabbit was never modeled off of a porn star. Where oh where did that bit of idiocy come from?

    • suezieq

      She looks NOTHING like Jessica Rabbit and never will.

      • Ryder

        What I ment to say was (even though I may be 11 I still all know what your talking about dont ask how)id personally like to meet her in person she may where those kinda outfits be she seems like a nice person but my opinion doesn’t matter what you think is what you think so how about we STFU on the subject ’cause it doesn’t matter

      • Ryder

        If jessic rabbit was Chinese/Japanese then she might

  2. Lucy

    I personally HATE Yaya. She has a totally holier than thou attitude (yes I have met he).
    I have large boobs myself (but their real) and I have learned at the tender age of 16 (I’m 20 know) that if you show off your boobs in skimpy cosplays and low tops well duh people are going to make comments.

    I mean for the longest time she denied getting implants despite how painfully obvious it is and seriously she is also letting them hang out.

    Don’t whine if you decide to do the boob-related crime.

    • VermiciousKnids

      You aren’t the only one that hates her.
      I have a friend whose an avid person in the cosplay world and she has so many horror stories about her.

      Also that if she wants something she’ll fucking kiss your ass and suck up to you until you get it, and then turn into a bitch again once she has it.

      • VermiciousKnids

        until ‘she’ gets it… not you XD

      • Ant

        Horror stories? Would love to hear them! :P Anyone else find it ironic that she’s holding ‘sociology of cosplay’ panels when she’s cosplaying mainly for the purposes of ‘HERE ARE MY BOOOOOOBS! DON’T STARE AT MY BOOOOBS! I’M A HUMAN BEING TOO BUT WITH HUGE BOOOOOOBS’? I wouldn’t listen to someone who considers herself an ‘artist’ and ‘advocate for cosplay’ and yet makes costumes which deliberately show off more boob than necessary. That Jessica Rabbit cosplay is absolutely horrendous. It’s like she’s insulting our intelligence: most people with half a brain can see past a set of fake tits and into her hypocritical reason for making that costume.

      • Justin

        I keep hearing the same thing about YaYa Han: that she is a bitch and does not treat people very well. What is she like? What did she do?

      • suezieq

        sounds like a user dude and his wife from az who run a crappy forum about replicas and now wants to wiggle into the cosplay arena.

    • Why is it suddenly a crime to dress your body the way you want to?

      No one is entitled to your body except you. Just because this has happened to you does not make it okay that it happened. You should not have to accept people oggling you just because you are a well-endowed woman.

  3. frank

    The most dummest thing I find is her selling some of her bikini photos. She is a Cosplayer. Besides, there are so many other sexy Asain models in Caly or Hawaii, that have much sexier bikini shots. She needs to stick with her dressing up

  4. Eustace

    The level of IGNORANCE in this article is STAGGERING! I just found out who Han was a week or two ago but I know what she is talking about. I am a man and I realize what she does is very sexual but there is a difference between a compliment and what female cosplayers get most of the time. Just check out the comments on her Facebook page. Dave Chappelle made a great point but he was talking about regular women walking about, not cosplay. Do you think a cheerleader is wearing a whores outfit? No you don’t, because it is a uniform. Too many guys online and in person don’t give compliments. Saying “I would love to titty F#$K you” is not a compliment. Saying “I want to cum on you tits” is not a compliment. Sure people will masturbate to her work but have some class and don’t tell her when you meet her.

    • VermyKnids

      Except you don’t actually know her and know for a fact that she’s a bad person and an attention whore.
      I don’t see why she cares when they make those comments when she had been a stripper. I’m sure she got worse comments when she worked as one.
      I’m not saying what they are saying is right, however, having known people who deal with her know that she’s not a very good person anyway.

      • “I’m not saying what they are saying is right, ”

        That is exactly what you are doing? You are saying since she was a stripper she should shut her mouth and take it? What kind of pathetic people are you. Implants, body, looks or not e everyone deserves to be respected. Just read the comments below any of her pictures and you will see hundreds of ignorance, nasty, insulting comments. Every cosplayer is an “attention whore” as you put it. But I don’t see you attacking all of them.

      • Just because she’s got a shitty attitude doesn’t mean she deserves rapey comments. It’s rude. And while I hate her, people are fucking insane and say whatever the fuck they want about someone and don’t care how they feel. Who knows, maybe all of these comments made her a cunt. I don’t know her life. You don’t know hers, either

    • VermyKnids

      I don’t attack them because they tend to be not bad people.
      Most cosplayers I know are good people that love their craft, and are genuinely good people.
      Yaya, is in all effect, an attention whore. Not because she makes costumes and puts her body on display, but because she’s a narcissist plain and simple.
      She had been fired from a job for photoshopping herself rather than doing the work that was required from her.
      And from what TheDude has told me, she’s done waaaay worse than that.

    • Lupala

      Amen! A reasonable voice! Just because she displays her body doesn’t mean she is comfortable, or likes the fact people masterbate to her. We are talking about total strangers……not all girls would take that as a compliment. Not all girls think that info needs to be shared. Just like everyone else, she has a right to her own opinion. like she would be the first person who uses her body as part of her work who doesn’t like an aspect of the job. Do you think every movie star wants to know they are the object of teenage fantasy? She is a person, who has feelings, like everyone else. If she doesn’t like how people express it, that is her choice. I’m sorry, just saying you want to do her, is not always taken as a compliment. To take things to extremes – how would you feel if someone you never met said stuff like that to you? As the previous commenter said – have some class.

      • I never met her, but I agree that saying things like “I would like to cum on your tits” is not a compliment, and just because a women shows off a big cleavage does mean she wants people jerking off while looking at her or her photos, and just because she used to be a stripper doesn’t mean she has to accept does kind of comments, simply because the key word is “used to be”, she is not anymore. One thing is someone posting a comment like “you have nice/beautifull boobs” when in a more reveling photo, another is being a perv and saying you would do this and that to her. One thing is a girl in her profession knowing that some guy somewhere is gonna jerk off thinking about her, another is a specific person telling her that. Being a model, cosplayer or some other kind is not the same as being a porn star or a hooker, so respect above all.

    • Silverjelly

      I finally found a comment that I could understand. I haven’t met Yaya but she’s incredibly talented. Her breast implants make her cosplay more appealing to me (a woman) in that the characters she’s portraying are usually well-endowed. She’s a true artist. Does all her own stuff. She’s established a large network of friends and colleagues. She’s successful–and rightly so.
      I hate seeing the dirty comments on her Facebook posts that say “Time to fap!” “I just jizzed myself,” etc. Yaya knows what’s really going on. We all do. Of COURSE people are getting off on her images. But they can still be classy about it by not announcing it on Facebook. I don’t think it’s unreasonable of her to request that they keep the comments a bit cleaner. She actually does have feelings and I fully get the impression that the art is meaningful to her.
      And why so quick to judge? She had friends and probably many people who also don’t like her for valid reason. Most people do. It’s human nature.

  5. dg101

    I just don’t understand why this woman is so widely known or why people give a shit about her at all. Yeah, she made a couple good costumes and then got fake tits, but really…she’s is FAR overrated. She’s done ONE costume that really impressed me and that was Lady Deathstrike from X2 back when she was natural and didn’t get porn star implants, do costume featuring her cleavage, and then cry discrimination at people commenting on them.

    • VermyKnids

      She’s widely known because she’s a relatively good-looking cosplayer who makes pretty good costumes. She also makes and sells cosplaying items. She’s won various contests etc… etc…
      Over all what she does she does pretty well.

      The same could be said of any good cosplayer in general. I can appreciate the craft and skill that goes into it.

      She just happens to be a bad person along with it, and it leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths.

      • I think what you need to realize is that even though you think someone is a total bitch doesn’t give you the right to determine that suddenly guys are allowed to describe to her on her public Facebook page how they’d like to use her body.

        Women should be allowed to walk down the street without a shirt on, same as guys do, and not have to be subjected to the hooting and hollering I know would accompany it, on top of all the propositions because, well, she’s got her shirt off because she wants the D right? No, maybe she has her shirt off because it’s freaking hot as f*** today?!?!

        I’ve never met her so I have no idea what she is like, but this article is 100% ignorant and offensive. There is NO situation where it is okay to post on ANYONE’S (even a guy’s) public page the sexist, offensive, degrading b/s that I have seen on many a female cosplayer page.

  6. Thomas Hanahoe

    This was an incredibly ignorant piece that made me angry to read. What Yaya Han was complaining about was people constantly degrading her on her facebook page. What Yaya Han does is make art. Sure she shows a lot of cleavage sometimes but that’s only because she stays true to the characters. This can be seen in her Nightwing cosplay. Nightwing wares a full body suit and so does she. Granted you can argue the case that she puts her chest out on display and deserves what she gets but the fact of the matter is that she’s running a business and sex sells. She also doesn’t deny this but accepts this. This can be seen from your picture above with Stig with his head on her chest. This shows that she is even a good sport about it. Yaya Han deserves the same amount of respect we would give to any other women working any other job.

    • TheDude

      At the same time she shouldn’t be denying that she’s had work done and/or choose a costume to display said tatas. She could just as easily pick another costume that’s just as pretty/attractive without having to put her assets out there. The fact that she does this on purpose does in fact open her up to ridicule.
      Sex sells, blah blah. Typical guy logic. So? I’ve known other girls who are in the same business and they don’t have to display their bodies inappropriately to do this.
      Degrading her is not alright, I agree with that, but she shouldn’t complain if someone has something to say about her revealing costumes. She puts them on display, and she has legions of fanboys running forward to defend her and do things for her. I’ve heard she ruins people’s lives if she feels they are a threat to her being.
      I could tell you a story or two I’ve heard from people that were her roommates/cosplay friends.
      The fact that she ILLEGALLY ruined one girls life was the worst thing ever.

    • Alana

      Um…Yaya never cosplayed Nightwing. That was Vampy Bit Me (Linda).

    • Wraven

      Thanks for the reply Thomas. I feel the author of this blog is very sexist. Yaya isn’t saying that she doesn’t want people to look at her and be turned on, she doesn’t want people to be a dick to her on her public Facebook page. It is a reasonable request when her page is clearly for fellow “cosplayers” to visit, not to be a page for voyeurs.

      I’d like to point out that Gru’s argument isn’t too far off from saying, “that girl was raped because with the way she was dressed, she was asking for it.” That’s the basic gist of his whole article.

  7. Lucy

    Illegally ruined one girls life?

  8. angryhippi3

    Cosplay is NOT consent you self-centered, horny, ignorant bastards. What a woman chooses to do with her body is HER choice, and you can shut the fuck up about it thank you very much. Yaya Han loves cosplay, she is a real fan and regularly ‘geeks out’ with her fans. Just because she’s attractive and dresses to show off her body does NOT give you the right to make inappropriate comments. Instead of HER changing what SHE wears, maybe YOU should learn to put it back in your pants and stop thinking that every woman around you is there for your personal viewing pleasure.

  9. JFC

    Orrr how about you stop being a pig? Giving someone sexual comments isn’t a compliment. It makes people uncomfortable.
    No one ever said that you can’t look at someone’s breasts, but blatant staring, trying to touch (as many guys have done to her and many other cosplayers at cons) is wrong. making sexual comments is harassment.
    You claim to not care if someone says something like that to you, but I’m sure you would be very uncomfortable if a man make a sexual comment about your crotch on your wall or in person. It’s not fun to receive, and it’s not a compliment.
    You men think that women’s breasts are somehow these super manipulation devices, but they’re fucking not. To men, they are just something to be gawked at and “complimented” and treated as sexual objects. Some men may seem “manipulated” by women because they have big breasts (or whatever other reason falling under “hotness”), but those men are just trying to get in women’s pants. Speaking from experience, they are incredibly insincere and tend to care very little about the women themselves, just hoping that get some kind of sexual gratification or date out of pretending to be hypnotized by a woman’s looks. Then when girls refuse to sleep with them, men claim that they’ve somehow been manipulated into doing something for them, even though it’s all just a fucking illusion to make women seem like the bad guys.
    And what do you expect her to do with her breasts, anyway? She has them, they’re there, and she likes to show them. What’s the issue with that? You have no problem sexualizing women in video games, comics, and anime- but when they ALLOW themselves to be sexualized, you somehow have a problem with that? Just let her be. It’s her body, she can do what she wants with it. And she has a right to do so without being sexually harassed and shamed for it.
    No one likes to be made uncomfortable. Just let Yaya (and every cosplayer and person) be. Cosplay is not consent and it does not give you the right to blatantly objectify a person. There is a human being under that costume, not an insentient character.

    • None of that really made much sense, and it was generalizing an entire group of people. Unless you are a certified and trained psychologist or sociologist, I doubt anything you said holds much weight.

      Also, the majority of people who “slut shame” tend to be other women and/or religious folks. Men have no real interest in slut shaming, logically.

  10. suezieq

    TheDude, tell us how she ruined someones life here ya big pussy.

    • TheDude

      Uh… no.
      This isn’t the place to be spilling information like that when the argument is about her breasts and the psychological attacks on woman kind apparently.
      I feel I’m honestly more critical of her because of the information I know about her… which let’s face it is an unfair assumption on the female race as a whole.
      But I don’t like her enough that I’m going to flat out call her a whore for wearing this stuff… not because she wears revealing costumes, but because of ‘why’ she wears these outfits and that she’s an evil conniving person.

  11. Rachel

    You honestly don’t get it, do you? Those “compliments” are sexual harassment. No one deserves that. No one will be flattered by that.

    Take it from a girl whose been on the receiving end of a “compliment” on her breasts. It is not flattering. It leaves the girl insulted and/or worried about her safety.

    Plenty other people have pointed out the other reasons why she’s mad so I’m not touching on that.

    But honestly, I have yet to encounter something so degrading to women since high school five years ago.

  12. VH

    Before you fly off the handle, people, how about taking the time to actually *read* the post? Every author is going to infuse their own opinion into the writing; there is no such thing as true objectivity. However, the post does not seem like It’s a value judgement on the kinds of posts that are left for Yaya. I am sure that they range from awkwardly sexual to downright nasty , creepy, and perhaps even sex-crime threatening.
    What the OP seems to be saying is that Yaya should not be at all shocked and offended publicly – the position that she’s apparently taking – since any intelligent adult, man or woman, should understand that *publicly* appearing, acting, or speaking in a sexually suggestive way will have consequences! Some are going to be welcomed, but most will not be, and some may be offensive. The wrong response is to turn around to the public as be shocked that some of them would react in this reasonably expected way.

    Again, *not* right or wrong. Simply *reasonably expected*.

    If you think this is a made-up concept, look to our (USA’s) justice system for a similar example: You can be convicted of a crime simply for creating a situation in which it could be reasonably expected the injury/violation could occur.
    Has Yaya committed a crime? Of course not! But similarly, she has created a situation where “bad”/objectionable things could be said to her.
    (Unfortunately, the subject of whether she deserves it or not got dragged into the post; this is not relevant to the topic at all).

    Therefore, her being shocked at what’s been said about her appearance and behavior is ridiculous. She doesn’t seem like a dumb human being, so a possible conclusion is that she’s doing it to fan the flames (pun intended) of attention even more.
    Or she’s just a notch up from dirt dumb and she’s genuinely surprised. In which case, I pity the poor girl.

    • I think the main thing I would like to point out to you is that it is absolutely NOT something that is “reasonably expected” to happen. The problem is that most people believe that it is ‘reasonable’ for these kinds of things to happen. It is NOT reasonable at all. This kind of attitude towards the issue is why we have radical feminists that seem to just hate men in general. Because it is so frustrating when people almost seem to refuse to understand!

      There is a valid stance to be taken in regards to commenting on how Yaya maybe could have responded better to the situation and the comments. That’s totally understandable and fine. However, it is absolutely NOT okay for people to think that it is ‘reasonably expected’ for these things to happen. We should not, we CANNOT let this be something that is REASONABLE.

      It is wrong to think that she was asking for it and therefore, she deserves it. Heck it’s wrong to say that she was ‘asking for it’ at all. Plenty of girls like to look sexy. Do they want to look sexy purely for the sake of having guys look at them? Absolutely not. Some do, maybe, but it is unfortunately the norm for people to assume that, because a girl is showing off her body or wearing certain clothing, that she is free pickings to stare at and comment upon.

      I long to see the day when women are able to walk down the street topless just like men can, while not being accused of leading any unfortunate male souls along. ‘She was half naked, so she wanted me to try and touch her, didn’t she?’ Does that sound ridiculous to you? It should. Assuming someone is asking for negative attention because they are showing off their body or trying to look sexy is just as ridiculous to me.

      Are men so weak and vile and stupid that they cannot keep the dirty comments to themselves? I have more faith in humanity than that. I believe men are fully capable of controlling themselves and are not complete mindless sex robots. I believe that a man can silently appreciate a good-looking woman from across the street without whistling at her or hollering at her to make her feel uncomfortable or threatened. It is to be ‘reasonably expected’?!?! I’m sorry, I just cannot accept that – I refuse to accept that.

      • splunky

        missed the point completely, you did.

        It wasn’t even about men and women. the person didn’t even say specifically “girl”. Simply that if you say or do something sexual in public, you should not be shocked that something related happens. Look up “reasonable” in a dictionary. one of the definitions is “based on good sense”. If a guy flashed his cock out in public, you can bet there will be responses. If he’s well endowed, even more so. How is this any different? If you think girls are so far above men in being able to not say sexual things in response to a naked guy, you’re probably still living in Mom’s basement. All-Male Stripper Revues would be totally out of business in your hypothetical world. Girls and guys that have good sense and wish to avoid getting sexual comments (or worse) thrown their way simply avoid exhibiting sexual behavior.

        Put down your ultra feminist knives before your hurt yourself.
        The day you describe where we all walk around naked without response will never come. not in our lifetimes. or our children’s. or their children’s. perhaps when star trek is no longer considered sci-fi. It’s the nature of humans in this stage of evolution to behave like this.

        Otherwise your mommy and daddy likely would have never had that special night where you were created.

      • There’s a difference between being a professional cosplayer or costumer and being a stripper.

        That aside, I think you missed my point. Let me drop my ‘feminist knives’, as you put it, and present my point of view to you this way.

        I find it very unfortunate that our society finds it ‘reasonable’ to expect people to comment derogatory terms on people’s walls (male or female). I find it actually dangerous to accept this as reasonable, because now we are helping to create this environment of ‘it’s okay to be rude and disrespectful to people’, which eventually becomes ‘I’m entitled to say what I want, so deal with it’.

        (This is also a reason some people don’t like racist, sexist, or other ‘taboo’ jokes)

        I do not want to contribute to that sort of environment/society, where things like that are ‘reasonable’ to expect. I hope that no one wants to contribute to that sort of society.

        I will say that you have a point about the walking around naked thing. I myself am not a nudist, although I can sympathize. But there is a difference, like I said before, between a cosplayer and a stripper. Just because Yaya has big implants and chooses to make costumes that accentuate them does not give anyone the right to post derogatory things on her page.

        Should she have been a bit more prepared for those kinds of posts? Well, did you read what she posted on her wall? She just politely pointed out that she would like to be treated like a human being as opposed to an object. She didn’t really fly off the handle at anybody, so I kind of feel like her posting that hardly warrants everything this article has to say.

        There are other ways she could have handled that situation, and by all means, I think that is a debatable topic, seeing as I think that is her professional page and not her personal page(?). But that doesn’t mean she should just accept the things people were posting.

        Lastly, I’d like to say that I differentiated between men and women in my previous post because the female body is objectified a lot more than the male body is. I think it’s safe to say that it is pretty obvious why there are more feminists than masculinists. However, this does not mean that objectifying the male body, or men in general, or posting derogatory remarks on a guy’s cosplay page, is okay. It’s not.

        There are a lot of points I did not respond to/ touch upon that I took issue with in regards to what you said, but since you hate my feminist knives so much, I will keep them safe and hidden.

        Hopefully I was able to let you in on a different point of view. If not, feel free to insult me as much as you want in your internet response. I will make it my highest priority to take your comments to heart and respond to you right away. Cheers.

  13. Da.Mutt

    Someone needs to have her watch the Avenger the scene where Cap asks Tony Stark “What Would You Be Without Your Armor?”… Then ask her. “What Would You Be Without Your Boob Implants?”

  14. B. Serious

    @ Slim
    I’m sorry. Did you say you were a feminist or communist ?

  15. AL

    I am a woman. I have dressed in different outfits from costumes to sexy things like a nice thigh length skirt and tank top when going out with my husband. At 25 years old and younger than Ms. Han, I realize that if I put it all out there people are going to look, make comments, and even more because it happens. While no man or woman deserves to be objectified, Ms. Han speaks about people knowing what they are getting into when wearing types of cosplays and has even done full body paint pictures and takes pictures in bikinis and more.

    The comments, as bad as it seems to some, should be expected. If I don’t want to be objectified and hear such comments to my face or online, then I don’t put myself out there to be objectified.

    Rather than saying anything, she could just say if she reads any inappropriate comments, they will be deleted and then delete/ban the person from her page. Is that difficult? No. Is that a more reasonable solution to complaining that men are objectifying you when you show off your body? Yes.

  16. sixzero

    Author ain’t sexist. Just telling it like it is. Wearing your tits out and having to put up with comment, on the internet mind you, goes hand in hand. If the stupid bitch can’t take it, then she needs to put them away. Its far from “sexual harassment” as some other feminist has put it. Give me a break. Its the internet.

    You can’t have it both ways. It comes with the territory. How else can you put it? ITS COMMON FUCKING SENSE.

    I forgot for a second that we are talking about your typical emotional, narcissist female, who has none of the aforementioned common sense, so why bother arguing?

    Because maybe, just maybe one bitch may actually listen, and realize and change their irrational behavior.

    And guys, if we can reach only one… its worth it.


    • Lupala

      Gotta love freedom of speech. I am repeatedly amazed/dumbfounded by the willingness to be a jerk when the person you are dissing isn’t in front of you. But apparently having a differing opinion is bad unless it is your opinion. Would you say that to your mother in person? Never should have let have have the vote, eh?

    • You just lost your whole argument when you said ‘bitch’

  17. Climberbird

    Firstly, for a man to say I want to titty **** you or cum on your boobs, is just so disgraceful. If a man told me this, I would look at him with horror because it speaks more to his character than it does my own. I wouldn’t feel offended. It isn’t a reflection of me; it is a reflection of him.

    I find it quite ironic how everyone is saying she is being unwarrantably objectified by men, and no one is acknowledging how she sexually objectified herself! It is a fine line between personal empowerment and doing, being, and changing who you are to feel power, respect, or obtain fame–not to mention make a career. She had her breasts enlarged. She chooses to _really_ put them out there. For what? To be more true to character? Who creates those characters? MEN! What do men do? OBJECTIFY WOMEN. Does anyone else see this irony?

    The first time I saw her, I didn’t go wow….look at that craftsmanship….I said wow those are some fake boobs. I’m a straight woman too—who holds no big boob admiration either

    Furthermore, I’ve watched some episodes of “Heroes of Cosplay.” I find it astounding how she wants to nurture the craftsmanship qualities of her protege and have her downplay the sexuality of a character while the whole time putting her boobs _out_ there. It seems hypocritical. It is like telling someone — unless your costume is immaculately made can emphasize the sexual characteristics of your cosplay.

    I like Yaya because I do think her craftsmanship is amazing. I also dislike her for several reasons. She is not someone I would look up to in cosplay.

    As for men, you never have the right to touch someone. Period. Should you choose to make a lewd comment, which is disrespectful and only speaks to your character, I have the right to ask you to leave me alone and tell you that I found your comment offensive.

    You can’t control what people say to you. They can call you pretty; they can call you ugly; they can call you a bitch; they can tell you they admire your talents; or they can tell you they want to spooge on your boobs. You have the right to tell them to fuck off; your comments are offensive…Not everyone is respectful and nice. That is a fact. Get over it. Do something about it. Make it not appropriate by action not just by words.

    You asked for sexual empowerment by having control of your body….to flaunt your goodies and be proud. By shriveling away into the corner and not standing up the the person face-to-face when you are offended by a comment, you are revoking that power. Going home and making complaints on facebook or telling your best buddies doesn’t do diddly squat. You have to make the stand face-to-face. If someone truly admires you, they will apologize. Otherwise, you do not need their support.

    ……but then again…when you choose to dress up as a character already objectified and sexualized…isn’t that the inherit character of your audience or fan base?

    • FuqU

      If you like a character I feel you should be able to cosplay them without being harmed or harassed. Despite the fact that you are representing that character, you are still yourself–your own person–and no one deserves to be touched or called inappropriate things just because they’re showing some legs or cleavage.

      If the girl wants more boobs let her have more boobs. It’s her choice and I’m sorry but your opinion probably means nothing to her on the matter.

  18. Max

    I really don’t care about Yaya Han’s discomfort with some male fans ogling her chest. I don’t care about the inane ramblings of some of the female (and male) posters on this site who take it upon themselves to lecture the rest of us from their keyboards. The bottom line for me is, this is a cosplayer who looks hot in her costumes, and I will continue to admire her physicality. That’s what she puts out there, and that’s what I will enjoy. I’m never going to gawk awkwardly at her during a convention or try to grope her breasts, nor will I stalk her. What I will do is see her purely for her physical attraction and cosplay talent. I don’t give a fuck about her personality, her feelings, or her right to whatever, because if she puts herself out there in the manner she does, she’s going to get that kind of attention.

    Now, to the mind-numbingly stupid diatribes of those who somehow defend her prudishness, piss off. You exaggerate the issue to the point that the original poster’s point is lost. Yaya Han has no right to complain about the attention she has received. That is the downside of internet fame, or any other kind of fame: you run the risk of attracting weirdos, and even your “normal” fans will see you purely for what you present online. If she’s interested in portraying herself as a person with feelings, she can easily change the image that’s out there. She’s financially well compensated for her lifestyle, so I have no sympathy whatsoever.

  19. YaYa’s reaction makes me laugh. I for one, cant stand cosplay, male or female. That being said, If you dress like a slut, you are going to be treated like one. I love how these woman often take a MALE characters costume, and cut holes where the boobs are, to show them off, then get upset when they get looked at like a pair of boobs with legs. If she wants to be treated with respect, remove the implants, and pick costumes that dont show your breasts. Its really that simple.

  20. As a D sized boobs owner, I understand what she says, there are some comments people post that are just inappropriate, but still I have them naturally, I didn’t ask for the boob staring and the ‘great rack’ comments, she did.

    Still, taking a picture with cleavage does not give the right for offensive and sexual comments, that’s why I think that no matter what she wears, that does not give people an open invitation to act like perverts. What does give the invitation is posting it online and letting people leave comments. She likes the attention, every girl likes the attention every now and then, but we always want to be treated with respect also, on her case she has fans that are constantly being ‘rude’ and well that comes with the job, if you don’t want it to happen, there’s an option on facebook that does not allow comments on your photos USE IT.

    What I mean with all this, is that it is a very hypocritical situation, but everyone can agree that a comment, no matter which, depending on who it is from it’s taken differently, and that’s how life is.

    If your crush tells you that you look hot and have a nice ass you will react completely different from that very same comment from the bum on the corner.

  21. FuqU

    Okay, this is sickening. How about you male pigs learn to control your libido. Just because a female shows boobs doesn’t mean stare. Guess what. ALL GIRLS HAVE BOOBS. They’re not for you so get over it. How do you even function? I can’t believe I’m reading something so primitive.

    I don’t care if you’re a fan of Yaya Han or not, this should just scream wrong. Manipulative Device? Just because girls have boobs they’re allowed to be called rude, harmful, discriminating things?

    You have some serious issues to work out. This is disgusting.

  22. Hannah

    You are so wrong on so very many levels.

    Firstly. NO ONE. EVER. “Deserves to be creeped on”. I don’t care what your argument is, I don’t care what your logic is. It is not alright, ever, for another person to be made to feel uncomfortable or to be treated as an object for people to project their fantasies upon. Our culture has bred a world in which people (I don’t say “women” specifically because this does not pertain solely to women) are put up on display for everyone as these blank slates, and somehow people forget that these are fellow human beings with emotions and thoughts and ideas. They are not for you to gawk over or drag into your delusions. Ever.

    Secondly, look at the character designs that women have to work with. Yes, Yaya does tend to choose characters with revealing costumes specifically, and to highlight her body, but in the world of comics and gaming, character designs are mostly this way. It is extremely rare to find a character who’s breasts, legs, and/or midriff are not heavily exposed. I am not pretending that people don’t choose characters to cosplay because they like their outfits or because they want to look good, feel good, and get some attention for that, because it is not true. A large part of putting on a costume and going out in it is that you do want attention in some way. But a bigger part of this and one that should be more focused on is the character that person has chosen to impersonate. Maybe it’s a particularly brave or strong character. Maybe it’s a character that is bolder than the person may be in real life. The basis of cosplay is that you get to be that character. You get to embody ideals which maybe you don’t get to everyday. You get to be a hero. It also so happens that female characters in these awesome genres are often sexualized. That does not make women who dress up as those characters anyone’s play toys to further degrade.

    It is absolutely not unreasonable for her to want to be respected, and the fact that she wears revealing costumes does not make it your or anyone else’s right to decide she doesn’t get a say in that. That anyone would ever decide to blatantly disregard someone’s request because they think it’s no longer valid is absurd. What a person wears will of course draw attention to them in one way or another, but it does not rationalize treating them like objects and making them feel uncomfortable. And she was forward enough to come right out and say something equivalent to, “hey, I love my fans, but sometimes you make me feel uncomfortable. Think a little more about what you’re saying,” and you’re acting like she doesn’t deserve to say that.

    What the tl;dr of this boils down to is this:


    It is not for you to legitimize, and if a person feels uncomfortable in anyway, whether or not you think it is valid, that should ALWAYS be enough for a person to stop what they are doing. This applies to everyone, no matter what gender or orientation or color. What matters is not your perception of the truth, but what that person has requested be done for their own personal well being.

    • Matthew

      @Firstly. NO ONE. EVER. “Deserves to be creeped on”.

      Why get oversized breast implants and wear revealing outfits if you don’t want any attention from the opposite sex? Getting giant boobs will attract pretty much every creep out there. She either should go back to her natural size or suck it up and accept that having pornstar boobs will gain you a lot of unwanted attention.

      • Tiggi

        Sure, she’s getting attention because of her boobs, sure, if you don’t want attention, you shouldn’t cosplay, BUT IT IS NOT OKAY TO WRITE PROFANE THINGS ON SOMEBODY’S PAGE OR PICTURES OR VIDEOS OR WHATEVER. Sure, you can have a fantasy of jerking of and come on her “pornstar boobs”, but since it most likely will never be anything more than a fantasy, you should do as most other people do – keep it to yourself, use it as jack-off fuel, maybe tell your partner when you talk about sex fantasies, but not write it on a professional page, somebody’s work page! There’s a difference between appreciating somebody’s work and compliment on it, and totally ignoring the work and writing sexual things, thinking it’s a compliment. How would you feel if somebody wrote “Damn, that looks like a package I wouldn’t mind choking on and then fuck until I can’t walk straight!” on a page dedicated to your work? Or your personal page, even. How would you feel if you got thousands of these, and worse? I bet she’s gotten rape messages too. That’s not fun, or something anybody should have to take, or accept. That’s fucking creepy. Life is not as in a porno, if you want to say profane, nasty things, get a partner that’s on board with such things, and keep it to yourself/yourselves. Keep it away from business pages that doesn’t appreciate it. What’s so hard with accepting that concept? I know I would be pretty upset by such things too…

  23. I’m not going to defend Yaya’s prudishness or whatever mentality she has because it doesn’t need defending. I’m not going to tell you to shut up either on the same grounds. Internet famous or not, she has the right to complain about whatever the fuck she wants to. Being internet famous doesn’t automatically make you a servant to your fans. Telling YaYa Han to shut her trap only makes you appear idiotic. There’s no “price” to fame as some people in the comments have suggested. That “price” is just something fans make up because they feel like they’re entitled to something just because they like a certain person. So yeah. Continue to think this way. Continue to preach this sort of entitled version of your story. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you or I think. People think what they want to. Even if it’s logistically wrong. Famous people don’t make up the fame game. The fans do. We do. We’re the ones that pressure our celebrities to show cleavage or to be less vocal or more vocal about a situation and to be honest, I hate the lack of self awareness on this issue when I read blogs like this. I’m sick of people who feel like they have a say in what celebrities SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do. As if YaYa Han has to answer to something just because she’s famous. She isn’t your friend. She isn’t a part of your family. She has no ties to you, whoever you are. She’s just another person and no one in this world owes the other person anything. So complain. Cry about how your internet boob crush isn’t justifying your sexualization of her. The rest of us in the mean time have more important things to do than complain.

  24. A Small Fredrick

    Jesus you’re disgusting.

  25. Alice Kelly

    In response to this…I’m going to stare at men in the crotch area, or the pectoral region, and then, if questioned, I will tell them it’s their fault for wearing tight provocative clothing.

    I’m also going to say things like:
    ‘I want to lactate all over your face’
    ‘I want to rub my cream all over you’
    Do you manscape? Does it match the rest of you?
    Does that sausage come hot and slathered with mustard?

    If that makes you, or others, feel uncomfortable, I’m just going to say that you shouldn’t be on the internet or out in public in any way shape or form. If you are, then you should expect those types of comments.

    My behaviour has nothing to do with anything, and it is clearly others that are at fault for lewd and crude comments and behaviour. I am incapable of being silent or tactful on the matter, and must act on impulse.

  26. This entire discussion ignores the fact that she didn’t even mention oglers but the scores of pathetic comments she ends up with on her page. It’s not actually a gender issue… sure, men don’t complain about receiving too much attention, but if their walls blew up with the kind of ignorant and disrespectful reactions that women get they would be no less perturbed.

  27. Forthatmatter

    If you had said this in front of me I would have smacked you. You points are so privileged and ignorant. You have absolutely no say over what rules people set for their own bodies. No say. Shut your mouth. Nothing. And you have no right to pitch value judgements at anyone. You’re the problem with the world. You and your sexist Holier than thou shit. Keep your opinions to yourself child.

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  29. LiSyao

    The fact that you think a woman asking for respect is “prudish” and that think women should “just learn to take a compliment” when guys are making degrading and inappropriate comments is baffling. It really shows your mindset that you can’t tell these issues apart. I’ll never understand the way American men over-sexualize women’s bodies and then blame the women when the men have no self control.

  30. Soy

    You missed the point entirely. What she’s complaining about is the types of comments that turn up – the whole “I’d love to nut on your tits” type showing up on her facebook. She’s not asking people to stop hitting on her, she’s asking people to stop being complete and utter creeps. If someone dresses to accentuate a part of their body, that doesn’t mean that they’re lowering their standards about what sexual harassment is. Some people don’t dress for the sake of others, they dress in what makes them feel good. Your “critique” reads like a childish tantrum.

  31. Oh my god I can literally feel the sexism dripping off this post.

  32. Daa

    Wow dude, MRA much? If a woman doesn’t want to get hit on, she has a right to publicize that. Sure Yaya does tend to build her costumes around her breasts, but people don’t have to up and tell her ‘I jerked off to your tits’ so blatantly;on her cosplay page no less. She’s not being a bitch for not wanting to be harassed because of her ‘just awesome’ tits, she’s trying to keep from being constantly bothered.

  33. Matthew

    I completely agree, if she doesn’t want people commenting about how much they love her giant oversized for her frame porn star level silicone enhanced boobs, she shouldn’t be cosplaying with her boobs hanging out in all her pictures.

    When a guy sees a nice pair of boobs, he has to say something, its called being a guy, most guys, a lot won’t admit, will think with their dicks at times.

    If she perhaps was a bit more conservative with her cosplay and less slutty with her outfits, she may get comments reflecting the quality of her costume and not her boobs.

  34. Super Gent Steven

    Honestly I’d do her raw and senseless without a condom.
    She puts off that look and sells/profits off sexuality so she has it coming and complaining about it won’t do anything but slow down her money and piss off fans.

  35. Duane

    I had no idea who she even was, but after reading this and looking at her photos I felt my cock begin to grow. I took it out, googled some photos of yaya, and began stroking. I came a hot load, so Yaya, this cum ‘a for you!

  36. What a load of “1st-world problems” nonsense. FB comments are in the same bucket as YouTube comments – the crap bucket. Arguing about the social ramifications of a boob job is about as petty as it gets. Free speech unfortunately means sometimes people will say or write things about you that you don’t like. If something that is truly damaging or illegal arises, then she has legal recourse to attack the problem. And she will never lose the ability to nip ~where~ she does her PR in the bud, so to speak. We create the world we live in to a large degree, consciously or not; now THAT is the kind of knowledge that is truly empowering! Creating a meme to “defend one’s honor” is a ludicrous PR stunt, not any kind of concerted effort.

  37. Suzzanne

    I like what I see on here and I agree.My boyfriend and I love each other but we just have one disagreement.My tits.He thinks they are perfect while I know they’re large. I hug him with them but don’t want them fondled.Suzzanne

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  39. Em

    Just seeing this for the first time. I’m a bit eh on the article. Here’s the thing: Are you putting yourself in the cosplayers’ shoes? Are you considering the crass treatment and comments they have to put up with? It can be downright frightening. Point #3 is badly off base. There’s simply a level of rudeness and objectification that cannot be taken as a compliment.

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